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Most of our binding services are performed in-house where we can control and assure that your finished products will be the highest level of quality In the finalizing stage you can choose from a variety of ways to have your product bound. We can:

  • Saddle stitch: In this method of binding, sheets of paper are folded in half and then stitched through the centerfold with staples.
  • Comb: In Comb binding, the sheets of paper are punched and then a plastic comb is used to bind the book which gives it a finished look. Combs are available in multiple sizes and colors.
  • Coil: This is a type of spiral binding in which the sheets of paper are punched and then a plastic coil is used to bind the book which allows the document to lay open flat. Your manuals, reports, or other documents will be both professional looking and durable. This type of binding is available in a number of sizes and colors.
  • Perfect: This is a glue binding process, which is used with books.  This process is not done in-house, but by one of our publishing partners.

Documents can also be side stitched or stapled to make a booklet.  We can staple your document that is up to about 70 sheets of 20# pound paper using a machine. We will also hand staple a document that is 2” thick or less. You can choose landscape or portrait mode, or opt to have the staples on the left 11” side. Check me 6/25


We’ll assist you in deciding how best to present that flyer or brochure. We offer several folding options: half, tri, or Z.


You have several options if you need holes drilled into your document.  Our machine allows us to drill 1, 2, 3 or multiple holes almost anywhere you want on a page. We can drill holes in a variety of sizes from 1/8” to 5/16”. An interesting piece of information—when printed pages are three-holed drilled people tend to save them longer. 


Padding is an adhesive process used for binding loose pieces of paper to create an attractive pad of paper. We can create pads in a variety of sizes which you can use at your place of business, at meetings, or for personalized gifts. We can help you design promotional notepads that you can give to both existing and potential clients. This is a clever and inexpensive way to spread your business name around. 

Other Services:

At DQP we don’t want anything to be forgotten. Our many other services will help bring your product to successful completion.  

Score:  A scoring machine is designed to crease your cover stock documents to make them easy to fold. Scoring will provide a higher quality finished product for notecards, greeting cards, menus, and brochures.

Perf:  A Perforating Machine creates evenly spaced holes in a sheet of paper. A perforated edge allows for easy tearing, so this machine is great for brochures with coupons, product information sheets with contact information, and tickets.Shrink wrap: 

Shrink Wrap, also known as shrinkwrap or shrink film, is a method of protecting, storing, and packaging products using a plastic material that is wound around the product. When heat is applied to this material, it shrinks, providing a curve-safe tight seal over whatever it is covering. 

Lamination:  Lamination is the process of using heat and pressure to apply a laminate over the surface of a printed image, text, or graphics, and protects it from everyday wear and fading. Our machines can laminate business cards to 24 wide.

Number:  A numbering machine provides quick and accurate numbering. Our equipment is designed to make it easy to stamp paperwork, multi-sheet forms, and can number in several positions.  

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